Joe Biden condemns Trump as unfit for command for pardoning US troops

Joe Biden, whose own kid somehow managed to avoid arrest and imprisonment for his cocaine habit in the Navy, is out condemning President Trump for pardoning a few military small fry whose draconian sentences didn't match the "crimes" they were convicted of.

Here's Biden on Twitter:

The obnoxious tweet was in response to Trump's pardon of these troops in the past week, described well by PJ Media's Matt Margolis:

Last week, President Trump granted full pardons for Army First Lt. Clint Lorance and Army Maj. Mathew Golsteyn, who’d been accused of war crimes. Lorance had served six years of a 19-year sentence, and Golsteyn was facing trial for killing an alleged Taliban bombmaker. Navy SEAL Edward R. Gallagher, who was found not guilty of war crimes, but still had his rank reduced, was granted clemency and restoration of rank.

Lawmakers had been pushing for pardons for Lorance and Golsteyn because they’d taken actions to defend themselves on the battlefield and were charged with war crimes for it

The troops were guilty of minor offenses, such as posing for a private picture with the body of a dead Taliban terrorist, as was the case of Gallagher.  In earlier ages, that was called a victory dance.  The others were imprisoned for heat-of-battle crimes under terrifying circumstances, entirely entitled to some kind of clemency, given the courage they showed and the sacrifices they made.  They weren't crooks out to gain something for themselves when they became foot soldiers.  If these guys aren't entitled to clemency, why the heck is Hunter Biden not in the brig? 

They were little guys, forced to pay a huge price, and their families were ecstatic with appreciation for President Trump's mercy shown.  While Joe was condemning Trump as "unfit" for throwing them a few crumbs of mercy, here are the families Biden insists deserve no mercy whatsoever:

There they are, screaming and squealing with joy, little kid bouncing up with a flying ponytail in between all of them:


Look like a bunch of crooks?  Look like the sort of elites Joe pads around with?  In light of these pictures, the whole tweet from Biden is revolting.

Suddenly, this jackass is concerned about America being exceptional?  What is it about presidential pardons for out-of-proportion sentences for combat vets that makes it not so very exceptional, as if he actually cared?

And speaking of wearing the uniform honorably, where's Hunter?

Unfit for command?  Only if you care more about bureaucrats and overzealous prosecutors than you do about the well-being and justice deserved for the fighting troops. 

Joe Biden declaring President Trump, who's just decapitated the ISIS leadership, somehow "unfit" is a real doozy of irony.

Margolis noted that the sanctimonious Mr. Saint, Pete Buttigieg, also was quick to condemn the pardons for the foot soldiers.

Yet, when President Trump pardoned them, it immediately sparked controversy and outrage. Pete Buttigieg joined in the outrage chorus, claiming Trump "dishonored our armed services."

This is weird, because it suggests that there's some coordination of the talking points on the Left.  JournoList, anyone?

Margolis notes that the Obama administration has pardoned all sorts of disgusting characters in its own past, people in a lot less need of mercy than these hapless troops.  Private Bradley Manning, who engaged in what's historically known as treason, is Exhibit A.

He also mentions the scads of petty drug-dealers, many of whom have since resumed their lives of crime, that President Obama also doled out.

I'll throw in one more, seeing that it involves Democrats: Marc Rich, pardoned by Bill Clinton just hours before he made his appalling exit in 2001.  Rich was a sleazy fugitive who'd made a pile of money, thumbed his nose at Iran sanctions in the name of making a buck, and effectively bought himself his pardon through campaign donations to House Clinton.

Rich is fine for a pardon, and these military families are not?  The whole travesty just goes to outline how out of touch Joe is with the little guy, how anything goes for the elites, but tiny people must be made to pay full fare and stay in their places.  They don't have the connections Hunter Biden or Marc Rich did.  They pay retail.

Hypocrisy?  It's all over Joe's face.  He needs to be called out on this and called out over and over.  What a creep.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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