Spencer booted: Swamp revolt nipped in the bud

Appropriately, president and commander in chief Trump, through his defense secretary, told the slow-on-the-uptake Navy secretary, Richard V. Spencer, "You're fired!" It was a swift and fitting response, given that it now emerges that Spencer was sneaking around behind his boss's back and arguably "blackmailing" the president over the case of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. Spencer was a real problem all around in this incident.  First, he slow-walked Trump's order to leave Gallagher alone, first by insisting that Trump would need to issue a formal order to get him to do anything (fill out a form in triplicate?) instead of tweet his very clear sentiment, and second that he'd fix things to make both the swamp and supposedly Trump happy by forcing Gallagher to retire but allowing him to keep his prized Trident pin.  Win-win, hey?  He somehow didn't bother to tell defense secretary Mark Esper of his...(Read Full Post)
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