Robert Redford can't sleep at night!

NBC’s website declares its high opinion of itself in a section called “THINK Opinion, Analysis, Essays” and   Nov. 26 saw Robert Redford write what I suppose is an essay, or a primal scream, called “President Trump's dictator-like administration is attacking the values America holds dear.” I went to the article knowing it would be a tortuous liberal screed but hoping to finally answer a single question that has been bothering me for a long time; what specific things has Trump done to warrant such wailing and gnashing of teeth among our political and entertainment class of prom kings and queens?  Well, it seems they don’t have any specifics.  They’ve got formerly pretty men grown incredibly unphotogenic backed by a chorus line of words that once were attractive; like grandma donning a dusty old Miss America one piece beribboned with “God Bless America!”  We’re up against a crisis! ...(Read Full Post)
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