Putin's real interests in Latin America

Nicolas Maduro and Evo Morales are dangerous dictators who led their countries into chaos. From a rational viewpoint, left-wing socialists in Latin America can be called a dead political burden. Betting on these regimes is futile in the long run. Does the Kremlin understand this? Yes, it does. Hence, a completely logical question may arise here:  What is the reason for Russians to support them? There can be no simple answer: to understand the real motives of Moscow’s actions, it is necessary to consider the whole situation from the perspective of President Putin’s fundamental foreign-policy views on international relations. In modern Russia, the system of these views is called Russian Neoconservatism or Putinism. The basis of foreign policy is the task of returning the status of great power to Russia. From Putin's point of view, he is not just the leader of the country but also the continuer of the mission of the tsars and emperors to implement the concept of...(Read Full Post)
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