Pathetic NYT spin on Horowitz report

The New York Times is operating in a pure propaganda mode, attempting to minimize the impact of the forthcoming (Dec. 9) report of the Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.  Sundance, of The Conservative Treehouse, calls his article on leaks from the report,  “highly structured obfuscation,” doing justice to the careful and artful misleading of readers. Keep in mind in understanding these leaks that principals named in an IG report are afforded an opportunity to comment on sections of the report that mention them prior to publication of the report. They don’t see the entire report, only those sections directly involving them. The IG is also able to write a rebuttal to those comments. This means that nobody leaking is likely to have seen the full report, and thus the leakers do not grasp the entire context of the portions they have been given to review.  But that doesn’t stop the Times from headlining this ridiculous...(Read Full Post)
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