CNN’s pre-Thanksgiving civility lesson: Trump defenders ‘Should Be Laughed at, Ridiculed, and Scorned’

When you consider the vast number of people forced to watch CNN as they waited at their gates for delayed airline flights on the busiest travel day of the year, one marked by weather delays in most of the country, this call for harsh derision could affect a lot of Thanksgiving dinners today. Ridicule and scorn do not fit well with the theme of giving thanks for the  blessings we receive as Americans, but then again, CNN, in the ratings tank and discredited for its repeated fake news incidents, has less to be thankful for than most Americans, enjoying higher incomes and lower taxes.

Watch as CNN legal analyst Elie Honig responds to anchor Brooke Baldwin saying, that the main defense of “I know nothing” is “dead.”

Grabien screen grab

At about 1:40 below:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope nobody at your Thanksgiving table was stuck in an airport departure lounge yesterday.

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