Message from Virginia: Blue states emerge from expanding federal governments

Democrats are crowing over last night's results of the special elections in Kentucky and Virginia as some kind of wave election, but it's only partially true. Kentucky was an anomaly, given that the Republicans ran a weak candidate.  Virginia, on the other hand, probably is reason for Republicans to change course — not by changing their ideas, but by getting busy with the true Republican agenda of cutting the size of the government. Here's what Virginia looks like right now, according to the gleeful New York Times: Democrats won complete control of the Virginia government for the first time in a generation on Tuesday and claimed a narrow victory in the Kentucky governor's race, as Republicans struggled in suburbs where President Trump is increasingly unpopular. In capturing both chambers of the legislature in Virginia, Democrats have cleared the way for Gov. Ralph S. Northam, who was nearly driven from office earlier this year, to...(Read Full Post)
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