Is Lisa Page singing to Durham’s prosecutors?

There is a fascinating tidbit that suggests a cooperating witness may be helping build the case against the coup plotters. I have for a long time suspected that Lisa Page could turn state’s evidence when it comes to plea deal time in the investigation of the investigators on the Russia Hoax. The former FBI attorney serving Deputy Director Andrew McCabe saw her adulterous affair with Peter Strzok exposed, and the lovebirds broke up. Page lost her job, compounding the humiliation and sore feelings. More to the point during the summer of 2018, when questioned behind closed doors by Congress (this was when the GOP ran the House), Page contradicted testimony offered by Strzok.   Page gave us new information that Strzok either wouldn't or couldn't, confirming some of the concerns we had about these investigations and the people involved in running them. Today we'll continue our deposition with Page to uncover more. — John Ratcliffe (@RepRatcliffe)...(Read Full Post)
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