Is Pelosi finally sick of the terrible damage Schiff is doing to her party?

This week, Rep. Jim Jordan was officially moved to the House Intelligence Committee, from Oversight, in order to be part of the coming public interrogations of witnesses summoned by committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Jordan is a pit bull, exactly what the committee needs among its Republicans.  It was in Pelosi's purview to refuse Jordan's appointment, and she did not.

Hmmm.  Is it possible that even she is sick and tired of Schiff's mendacity, his secrecy, his shutout of Republican questions, his witness tampering?  He even advised "witnesses" not to answer questions from Republicans. 

Most of these people being called to testify are not witnesses to anything relevant; they are just vague anti-Trumpers willing to prostitute themselves in one way or another before Schiff's cloak-and-dagger, repressive little show trial that, as many have commented, is reminiscent of the tactics of the former Soviet Union.

His campaign to impeach the president, in this shoddy manner, denying Trump any due process, is so transparently unconstitutional that it boggles the mind.  Whom does he think he is fooling?  The question is, why?  Why are the rest of the Democrats not standing up and shouting: "Emperor Schiff has no clothes"?  Why on Earth are they allowing this dishonorable, deceitful man to drag them all into the gutter of vicious anti-American politics?  His tactics are sullying them all.

Most likely, it is all part of the cover-up.  We know now that the entirety of the Mueller "investigation" was not an investigation at all, but a massive undertaking to conceal the zealous plan by a group of Hillary Clinton and Obama administration insiders to destroy Donald Trump.

Their complex scheme began even before Trump became the candidate of his party and has extended into his presidency and is ongoing.  This is what Schiff's pathetic impeachment inquiry is all about: a shameless attempt to smear President Trump before any of the damning truth is revealed by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Attorney General Bill Barr, and U.S. attorney John Durham.  As the facts seep out, it is now known that the so-called whistleblower, the arrogant little pajama boy Eric Ciaramella, is no whistleblower at all, but an anti-Trump activist from day one.  He was right there at the beginning, cozy with Joe Biden, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, et al., all the people from the Clinton/Obama syndicate who dedicated themselves to seeing Trump impeached once he was elected.  Add to that list Schiff's fake witnesses like Alexander Vindman, a Ukrainian by birth whose allegiance was to Ukraine, not America.  This is all the stuff of third-world totalitarian failed states.  This is the deeply corrupt Deep State.  These are people who believe that only they, not the voters, are qualified to run the country and conduct foreign policy.  They have nothing but contempt for the American people who elected Donald Trump.  What they fail to acknowledge is our well deserved contempt for them. 

By now, everyone knows that Ciaramella's lawyer, Mark Zaid, began tweeting about staging a coup against Trump as early as a few days after he was inaugurated.  Like the FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, he and his partners in crime were extravagantly confident in their own power to take out a U.S. president.  This is how corrupted the American Deep State has become.  Trump's huge mistake was in not dispensing with every single Obama employee at State, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSC the day he took office.  He made the mistake in thinking they were honest brokers in service to the country, but he was wrong.  They, like former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, were all about continuing their nefarious practices, and to do that, they had to be rid of Trump.  CrowdStrike, the cyber-security company that is involved in all this over and over again, is a an American company founded by a Ukrainian, Dmitri Alperovitch, who is extremely anti-Russia and who delights in implicating Russia in the DNC hacking event that probably did not happen.

Ukraine, as Mark Wauck suggests in his column on Impeachment Theater, may be the starting point of the Russia hoax, which would explain Ciaramella's role in it at the outset.  He was a CIA Ukraine analyst dispatched to the National Security Council; higher-ups in Ukraine are likely culpable in early anti-Trump, pro-Hillary election interference.  Ukraine has admitted as much.  Chances are that Barr and Durham will soon be spilling all the beans and that the crimes and the identities of all those involved in the attempted coup will be revealed, and many will be indicted.  Let us hope Trump was correct when he said: "I caught the swamp."

Perhaps Pelosi already knows what is coming and may just want the counterblast to fall on Schiff.  But she cannot escape her role in the most consequential political scandal in U.S. history.  She, and the rest of the impeach crowd, would have been wise to remember Robert Kennedy's observation that "what is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant.  The evil is not what they say about their cause but what they say about their opponents." 

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