Is impeachment all about the SCOTUS?

The Democrats continue to embarrass themselves in their effort to remove President Trump from office.  Adam Schiff, the face of their crusade, is an incompetent fool who never learned the first rule of holes.  He keeps digging.  He interrogates his chosen witnesses in secret, refuses to let the Republicans ask certain questions, and orders the witnesses not to answer questions he does not like. For the public hearings, he is allowing the Republicans no witnesses and ordered them not to even bring up the so-called whistleblower.  To do so would of course implicate Schiff himself and his underhanded, illegal manipulation of the process to jump-start this nonsensical inquiry over a phone call during which there was nothing inappropriate said by President Trump or President Zelensky.  Schiff knows this but assumes that the rest of us are ignorant boobs incapable of noticing his abject misdirection, lunacy, and malignity. It is a safe...(Read Full Post)
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