DACA recipients yell, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!'

DACA recipients were at it again, filling the streets around the Supreme Court and beyond, demanding that the U.S. fork over a free right to stay in the U.S. and even put an end to the Trump administration.

According to The Hill:

And protesters also targeted Trump for repealing the program with chants of "Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go."

This is offensive as can be, given that President Trump was elected legally by U.S. voters and represents the stated choice of it citizens.  He even remains extremely popular among his fellow Republicans.

The whole spectacle is offensive, given that DACA recipients are de facto lawbreakers yet now view DACA protections not as an act of mercy, but an entitlement.  America, see, owes them, based on their time illegally spent in the country.

Worse still, they've made it clear that they obey only laws to their liking.  Breitbart reports that DACA recipients are vowing not to leave even if the Supreme Court rules against them.  So much for rule of law, something they learned contempt for at mom's hip.

The event was organized by none other than Mr. Soviet honeymooner himself, Bernie Sanders, who's always viewed the U.S. as something to be taken over and "reformed."

The presidential campaign for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 Democratic contender, helped organize the Home is Here Rally in support of DACA, asking supporters in an email to RSVP a week before the demonstrations.

"We must stand in solidarity and show the Trump administration that their cruel and harmful policies will not stand," an email from the group read.

Citizenship means nothing to Sanders, any more than gratitude.

What's happening here is pretty similar to the spectacle of millions of illegals marching on Los Angeles several years ago, waving the Mexican flag.  The disloyalty, the ingratitude, and entitlement don't persuade anyone that these supplicants should be given anything as a matter of right.  They certainly don't, or shouldn't, move the Supreme Court, which is deciding their case on relevant interpretation of the law.  Mob yelling isn't the way a decent jurist does law.

What the spectacle of illegals protesting does do is serve as a reminder that U.S. immigration laws are still badly in need of enforcement.  The only thing any decent law-abiding American can think as these foreigners yell for free stuff is that they need some deporting to learn some humility, justice, and gratitude for what they had.  Those are things they have yet to become familiar with.  They just wanted to overturn the results of the 2016 election because they don't believe in representative democracy.  All they believe in is lawlessness that favors themselves.

Public sentiment should shift, just as it did when the Mexican flag–wavers once marched on Los Angeles.  The organizers noticed and insisted that Mexicans be on their best behavior the next time around.  But the damage was done.

DACA protest, San Diego, 2016.  Credit: i threw a guitar at him via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Image credit: i threw a guitar at him via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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