Hunter and Joe Biden's Democrat privilege

An interesting unintended admission is repeated by Democrats regarding Joe Biden.  The Democrats keep saying President Trump wanted dirt on Joe Biden.  This raises the question: "Is this an acknowledgment that there is dirt?" If there is no wrongdoing, then there is no dirt for Trump to get, and no problem for Joe.  This same logic was used extensively in investigating the president.  Yet, in response to the president's simple request for an investigation, the Democrats pulled out a proven, well worn tactic — a longstanding maneuver of accusing the accuser. Blaming the accuser — it's a tried and true, successful and slick maneuver.  Hillary Clinton first practiced this questionable and dirty legal option when, in her early career, she represented a rapist.  As a defense attorney so many years ago, she blamed the victim and won the case for her client.  Then she bragged...(Read Full Post)
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