How will we explain this weird age to future generations?

How to explain this age without reason to those who inherit our folly?  Math and logic and common sense are all dead.  If they were not, we would not be watching Marxist socialism and communism succeed after a century of death and economic destruction.  A hundred million lives lost have not been sufficient to teach the lesson.  Poverty and oppression have not tarnished the socialist mantle.  Loss of personal freedom, so that the State may have more room to live and dictate from corrupt capitals, has not awoken human minds to the attendant misery that all socialist control inevitably brings. Science is dead, too.  How else to explain how tyrannical states like China have found common cause with "free" states throughout the West in demanding that all men accept the false prophecy that hydrocarbon energy is leading to our imminent apocalyptic doom?  Princes and kings and presidents and priests point to...(Read Full Post)
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