Hong Kong voters deliver landslide rebuke to Beijing and Xi

The people of Hong Kong have let the world know that they overwhelmingly back the democracy movement that has convulsed the city for months and cost countless businesses serious money.  Instead of weariness and anger against the disruptors, the 3 million voters who went to the polls supported anti-establishment candidates. YouTube screen grab. The New York Times: With three million voters casting ballots, pro-democracy candidates captured 389 of 452 elected seats, up from only 124 and far more than they have ever won. The government's allies held just 58 seats, a remarkable collapse from 300. (snip) The elections were for district councils, one of the lowest elected offices in Hong Kong, and they are typically a subdued affair focused on community issues. The job mostly entails pushing for neighborhood needs like bus stops and traffic lights. But this election took on outsize significance, and was viewed as a referendum on the...(Read Full Post)
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