Francis Effect: Catholic membership drops sharply in Argentina

Pope Francis, who was widely reported to have been chosen for the highest office in the Catholic Church as a means of reinvigorating participation among Latinos, isn't quite working out the way they thought he would. He was supposed to be the people's pope, with "the smell of the sheep" on him as he put it. But all he's managed to do is become an advocate for the phony claims of socialism. That may be the problem. Here's the item from the Buenos Aires Herald, citing a TIME/AFP piece: Catholicism is on the decline in Pope Francis' Argentina, a new study from the CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) has revealed. The results also showed that close to three-quarters of the population believes the State should not finance religious institutions, while 46.2 percent believe that religious education should not be taught in public schools. The government agency published a study on Wednesday...(Read Full Post)
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