Decoding Trump Derangement Syndrome

The monsoons in Mumbai are particularly punishing especially when you are the sole occupant of  open-air rickshaw, engulfed in traffic beyond your range of vision. After several minutes, the static traffic began to move, the collective noise of automobile engines to drown every sound in the vicinity. Suddenly a shrill wail penetrated through, the sort of cry that would cause the most heartless of individuals to shudder. Quite soon, it was discovered that a puppy had surreptitiously crept under a taxi cab to avoid the heavy rains. Everybody stepped out of their cars fearing the worst. Then the taxi driver emerged with the puppy in his arms, fortunately, it was only a minor limb injury. For devout Hindus, the dog is sacred, the cab driver pledged to nurse the puppy to recovery and even adopt it.  People around tried to console the man who was clearly distraught by the accident. Then a young man in his early twenties rushed through the crowd, pushed his way...(Read Full Post)
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