Capitalism: The only road to opulence

Speaking on wealth creation, President John F. Kennedy famously noted that "a rising tide lifts all boats."  This assertion reveals a fundamental truth behind the power of the free market: when wealth is created in a true capitalist system, it inevitably spreads to all levels of society. The veracity of this is proven in The Capitalist Manifesto — a simple text from influential supply-siders Ralph Benko and William Collier — published earlier this week.  The text expertly defines how "True Capitalism" stands in direct opposition to its enemy from the left — socialism — and its enemy from within — crony capitalism.  The authors contrast "True Capitalism" with the "New Feudalism" promoted by socialists and "some of Capitalism's own merchants." Within the Manifesto's first pages, Benko and Collier identify a major problem that we now face: a...(Read Full Post)
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