Trump's real Ukraine reasons

Today's Ukraine news, with all its wild characters, crooks, and conspiracies — just to narrow it down to the Democrats — is reminiscent to me of the 1957 Apalachin meeting, the secret, grand conference of the American mafia, which the local police raided and exposed, all to the great discomfiture of the country's establishment. Despite furious resistance from their media allies, our new mafia, the Deep State, is being exposed as well, thanks to the ongoing mess in Ukraine.  Recall, it was mostly with the help of the Obama State Department and various Soros-backed NGOs that the old Putin-aligned leader in Kiev was kicked out in 2014 and the subsequent regime was pretty much put at the beck and call of D.C. Democrats — getting Hunter Biden his dough, helping out Fusion GPS, etc.  They even had a scheme for international lefties to take over Eastern Orthodox churches, starting with the one in Ukraine. Our...(Read Full Post)
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