Steve Hilton explains Ukraine with new insight

Steve Hilton of Fox News used about 10 minutes of his Sunday night show to expose some aspects of the relationship between Ukraine and prominent Democrats that have not come to light elsewhere.  It was a tour de force, demonstrating that Joe Biden was not alone and that John Kerry and Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Ed Markey had their hands in the cookie jar. I rarely ask readers to spend 10 minutes of their precious time watching videos because the printed word is much more efficient in conveying information.  But this is an exception. Along the way, Steve points out some major hypocrisy on the Green New Deal and media covering for Dems. Clarice Feldman recommended this video to me, and I thank her. Steve Hilton's excellent exposition on Biden, Ukraine end the web of deceit and depravity that has Democrats scurrying for cover. — Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) October 7, 2019 Image credit: Twitter screen grab.(Read Full Post)
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