Russia and Turkey through the lens of Putinism

This week, in the U.N. Security Council, Russia refused to support the United States' press statement on the Turkish military operation in the Syrian Arab Republic.  It feels as though the Kremlin's step is rather due to the principles of the dominant ideological system of modern Russia — the ideology of Putinism — than to momentary tactical considerations for solving Middle Eastern problems.  Vladimir Putin's ruling method as applied to international issues implies rigid protection of national interests based on the principle "we do not bother anyone, but we will not let anyone bother us."  There is a well known quote by the Russian leader on this subject: "a bear will not give up its taiga."  Such an attitude also extends to foreign policy in the Middle East region.  Russia is one of the key players in the Middle East settlement issue, and its position on Turkish military intervention in...(Read Full Post)
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