Have the media and other Democrats ever worried about Emoluments Clause relating to anyone other than Trump?

When the media and other Democrats support Bloomberg for President, aren't they concerned that the Government and foreign countries certainly use Bloomberg services? Will they raise the Emoluments Clause issue?

When Kerry was running, did the media and Democrats demand that all government agencies and foreign persons stop using Heinz products?

When the media and other Democrats were supporting Hillary and trashing Trump, did they worry about all the kickbacks to Bill and the Foundation from foreign sources, or didn't they care?

But all of a sudden it is a crime for a Trump facility to rent its facilities at normal – or even discount --rates?

The media and other Democrats have been on a snipe hunt with false stories and false charges since he firststarted running. They just keep throwing fake mud against the wall.

I would have thought that all the media outlets that peddled the lies about Russian collusion with no evidence might be more cautious, but I was wrong. They keep doubling down because all that matters is power for Democrats.

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