'No New Jails NYC' demands release of Rikers Island prisoners

New York City mayor Bill (I'm Not Done Ruining the City Yet) de Blasio proposed that Rikers Island Prison be closed and replaced with new, more "humane" jails.  This was not enough for students at New York University, however.  NYU's student government officially requested that the city of New York close Rikers Island with all due haste and promise not to open any new jails to replace it.  The school's Student Government Assembly released a statement averring that "jails do not make us safe," but "serve only to further harm Black and brown families, individuals, and communities and to perpetuate a racist and violent criminal legal system."  It also endorsed a plan by a group called "No New Jails NYC" that would mandate that the $11 billion de Blasio was to invest in new jails instead be used to fund "housing for all" and other (woker) public programs. Rikers...(Read Full Post)
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