Kangaroo court, jackrabbit impeachment

Peggy Noonan's piece on the impeachment needle moving against President Trump is still drawing a lot of criticism for her claim that "of course" Trump will be impeached and public sentiment is turning against him. I was a bit less angry about it than most, because, as I noted here, her forecast is highly conditional, premised on a very big "if" that the plan will work only if Democrats conduct impeachment in a fair manner, with open and honest proceedings. They aren't.  Thus far, fairness is a nonstarter, and as word of the sneaky and rigged one-party impeachment by leaks process gets out, some polls show that the negative public sentiment toward Trump is starting to dissipate.  The needle is starting to move the other way. Democrats don't have a case against Trump and never did, any more than they had a magic bullet against Trump with the Mueller...(Read Full Post)
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