It's impeachment or violence. Take your pick.

The Left finds it not only acceptable, but necessary to kick old men while they are on the ground, clinging to their pro-life protest signs.  Worse is yet to come. Leftists make the case that their violence is justified because we, the conservatives, are Nazis.  They say we cage innocent children at the border (even though it was Obama who did this).  They say our words instigate violence against people of color and against people of various sexual tendencies.  They say we force women to bear unwanted children.  There seems to be no important issue on which we can agree, be it the environment, welfare policy, or foreign affairs.  Not only do we disagree, but the disagreements are so inflamed as to necessitate violence against us. If you or I were growing up in Germany, in 1937, and if we knew what the Nazis were doing, we too would resist by all means possible, whatever the risk, however violently we felt...(Read Full Post)
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