It has started: Anti-impeachment protest forming

Amid all the star chamber secrecy in what is fundamentally an unfair "legal' process in the House to remove President Trump, street protests are beginning to form.

The Daily Caller tweeted out one happening in Washington just a few minutes ago:

It's more than a hundred people, and a respectable showing for a work-hours weekday.  Some have Trump campaign regalia; some are coming as they are.

It also coincides with the record fundraising seen in the Trump re-election effort as well as campaign rally attendence ever since the far left's impeachment bid began.  Combined with the huge GOP turnout in last weekend's successful Louisiana electoral showing, it suggests energized voters on the GOP side.  We don't see anything comparable on the Left.

The GOP historically is very slow to hold protests, and those are often sparse as well as few and far between.  But they do happen — remember the "Brooks Brothers" protest, when Democrats attempted to steal Florida for Al Gore by counting and continuing to count until they got the result they wanted?  Remember the Tea Party protests against President Obama's overspending?  This looks pretty similar.

Information is pretty sketchy at this point as to whose these people are (organized? unorganized?), but that will eventually come out.  I have a sense that given the secrecy and "Soviet" tactics of the Democrats in their desperate attempt to oust President Trump, these protests will only grow.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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