A debate not worth watching

According to the numbers, the fourth debate did not draw a large audience:  

Ratings for Tuesday night’s three-hour, 12-candidate Democrat presidential debate fell to the lowest level of any of this year’s four Democrat debates, drawing an average of 8.34 million views.

Eight million people is a lot of people for this or that.  It is not a good audience for a party introducing the nation to the man or woman that they will nominate for president.

My sense is that the candidates are predictably boring.  They have two messages:

1) "I hate Trump" with "I hate Trump more than you do" on the B-side; and

2) "I will give you something for free" with a Spanish “illegals qualify” version for Jorge Ramos.

The Democrats created a mess with these early debates.  They exposed their candidates way too early and now have to deal with the reality that none of them can beat President Trump.

So when is the next debate?  I don't know but my guess that nobody cares.

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