Is the NBA afraid of China?

The NBA cracked totally and gave in to the Chinese dictatorship. The league's official position is something like "we play basketball and don't do politics." As I'm sure you remember, the NBA, its coaches, and its players never had a problem previously with getting into politics, especially when the target was the police, the 2nd Amendment, or President Trump. So what happened here? The obvious reason is money.  The NBA is booming in China, especially with the TV audience.  I saw that it's making over a billion dollars. The second reason is that the NBA assumed that the government of China speaks for its people. I don't think it does. My good guess is that the Chinese communists are scared to death that "Hong Kong fever" will spread to the mainland.  In other words, they don't want anyone reminding the people of China that Hong Kong is crying out for freedom. According...(Read Full Post)
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