Hillary sounds the alarm

We now have a clearer grasp of where the Democrats stand as regards accusations of scandal among their own. They won’t talk about Hillary’s emails (that was Bernie in 2016). They won’t talk about Joe and Hunter cashing massive checks from Ukraine (that was everybody the past couple weeks), but they will talk about Tulsi Gabbard chasing moose and squirrel. It’s quite a commentary on the state of the Democrats when the two kookiest old girls are the only sensible candidates. But it still doesn’t explain why Comrade Hillary, she of the scarcely modified Mao jackets, the penchant for total surveillance, and the under-the-table deals with Russia, Ukraine, and China, took on the Jack D. Ripper persona to tear into Tulsi and Jill Stein (as forgotten today as Cyndi Lauper) as agents of the Kremlin. What Hillary has adapted, of course (though nobody’s willing to admit it) is the ancient persona of the demented red hunter of the early days of...(Read Full Post)
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