High cholesterol associated with longer life

Highly educated "experts" rule today's advanced societies, but their advice on how the rest of us should live — often enforced by government coercion — is increasingly exposed as premature at best and mistaken, incomplete, ignorant, or fraudulent at worst. Yet another bit of diet advice from "experts" is turning out to be an exploding cigar.  High cholesterol, particularly LDL cholesterol, has been demonized for allegedly bringing on heart attack deaths.  But an intriguing analysis of data published at Medium.com seems to show that total mortality risk is reduced by high cholesterol levels, even LDL cholesterol.  As author P.D. Mangan writes: [F]rom a public health standpoint, it seems a mistake to focus on changing something that lowers the risk of death from one cause only to raise that risk from another. Here is one of the key charts showing that people with high cholesterol levels live longer...(Read Full Post)
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