Democrats set up a kangaroo court for impeachment

For many Americans, the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't set up a real impeachment inquiry, with a full House vote, is kind of a comfort, given that without prerequesites, how the heck is anything going to happen? Unfortunately, Democrats have a much dirtier game in mind. The impeachment inquiry is for show. It's also to keep Republicans from being allowed to ask any questions, or subpeona the Democrats for evidence of their own pre-plotting and double dealings. In doing it fake, what the Democrats really want is to force President Trump to empty the White House of every last document and secret, as if conducting a marauder's raid, and then charge the president with obstruction if he doesn't hand them over every last drop of White House correspondence and documentation that they demand. Pay no attention to that small detail that Trump doesn't legally need to comply with a congressionally issued 'subpoena' only a court-issued...(Read Full Post)
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