Elizabeth Warren caught makin' it up about pregnancy discrimination

Elizabeth Warren has a pretty impressive penchant for makin' it up when it comes to serving a leftist narrative.

Fake Indian, complete with tales of discrimination experienced, worked for awhile, until it didn't.

So did the fake research, claiming medical costs are the reason behind most bankruptcies. Nope, not at all.

Now we have Warren saying that when she became pregnant as a young teacher of special-ed students, presumably in the 1960s, she was asked to leave her post for being visibly pregnant. A found tape of her speaking in 2008 suggests maybe she actually wanted to leave her dead-end job teaching special-ed to scale the career ladder instead. 

According to this report in Fox News:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., suggested this week that a school principal effectively fired her from a teaching job after she became "visibly pregnant," but a resurfaced video indicates that wasn't the actual reason she left the job.

"I was married at nineteen and then graduated from college [at the University of Houston] after I’d married," Warren, then a Harvard Law School professor, said in an interview posted to YouTube in 2008.  "My first year post-graduation, I worked -- it was in a public school system but I worked with the children with disabilities. I did that for a year, and then that summer I actually didn’t have the education courses, so I was on an 'emergency certificate,' it was called.

"I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, 'I don’t think this is going to work out for me,'" Warren continued. "I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, 'What am I going to do?'"

Now, it's possible she didn't tell her whole story and maybe the principal did 'hint' 'hint' that she ought to leave for being pregnant which might have been a secondary factor for her exit. There are women this has happened to. (I had a friend who had to accept a general discharge from the Navy over being pregnant and not being able to make it to basic training, so this sort of thing actually does happen, at least in government). But given that this happened apparently in the early woke 1970s, the era of George McGovern, and along with the rest of what Warren said, there's reason to find that possibility dubious.

Warren was teaching in a more-demanding, less prestigious, and for that reason, easier-to-obtain special ed teaching slot (based on the accounts she's given, it sounded as though she wanted to be a classic school teacher of ordinary or maybe gifted kids), without the credentials to move upward, it's more likely that she did want out and wasn't escorted out. Her biography says she was a brilliant student, and gave up a full scholarship to George Washington University to marry her boyfriend and move to Texas instead. It was a marriage that eventually ended and probably soured well before that, so there would have been many disappointments in her life at about that time, and the lack of certificate would have hampered her capacity to get the kind of teaching slot she might have really wanted. 

Just the fact that the school system did have a special-ed track suggests it was already woke and unionized, so quite likely not discriminating against pregnant women. It ought to be checked for sure. And the fact that she was teaching on a 'emergency certificate,' most likely meant there was a labor shortage, so once again, unlikely that they would want to dump a trained teacher on a tough beat they didn't have enough people for, solely for being pregnant.

She also didn't mention that she wasn't a liberal at the time she was doing the teaching -- her swing to the left came as she climbed the career ladder and moved into monolithically blue ivy league elitist circles. She did that the easiest way, too, by focusing on finance as a means of keeping attention low on ideological issues. (When I was a rare conservative at Columbia journalism school, I focused on financial journalism for what was likely the exact same reason -- to be in an area where the ideological talk would be kept a minimum.) But it was probably too much for her and she eventually came out as a leftist in order to advance. It's an ideological bubble over there, so it's quite possible she was so immersed in it she eventually came to believe it, too. Bottom line, the supposed pregnancy exit in the schoolhouse wasn't something that radicalized her, so again, her claim is dubious.

It goes to show that Warren has a habit of making things up, not just for personal advantage, not just to appear a hero, the way Joe Biden does, but in her case, specifically to advance a false left wing 'narrative.'

She claimed her Indian ancestry derived from a mixed-race marriage among her ancestors resulted in discrimination - a truly phony claim given that there was no recent Indian ancestor - but it was useful to claim for the lefty 'narrative' that America, even in a nice place like Oklahoma, was brimming with racists.

She claimed medical costs in her research were behind most bankruptcies - totally errant, but again, useful for the leftist narrative to advance a the idea of a socialist government takeover of health care. Now she's thrown out this whopper on being ousted for pregancy, making herself part of a labor/women's grievance narrative always experiencing pregnancy discrimination because the discriminators even in lefty woke educational institutions are rampant in society. It's nonsense.

It's a lefty vision of a world that doesn't exist which is why it's constantly trapping her and exposing her as a liar.

Image credit: Lorie Schaul, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0 


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