Celebrities man the impeachment barricades

A group of anti-Trump liberal celebrities is setting up an "Impeachment Task Force" to hold President Donald Trump "accountable for betrayal of America." 

As is always the case, projectionist Democrats are guilty of doing exactly what they are accusing the president of doing.  Their favored politicians want open borders to wipe out America, even as their elite politicians sell America off to the highest foreign bidder.  That's what constitutes not betraying America in the liberal hive mind. 

After all, what underpins the latest impeachment craze is that Joe Biden appears to have used his influence to make his son a fabulously rich Ukrainian energy czar and threw his corrupt weight around to protect his son's ill begotten gains.  The best way to answer this outrage is to impeach President Trump.

The list of celebrities rushing to the impeachment barricades is like something out of a comedy show.  The featured names include Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Arnold, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Debra Messing, and Alyssa Milano.  We really need a conservative comedy channel, since I would love to see Mark Steyn playing...well, all of them. 

If ever a group of people could inspire the entire nation to run out and break the lever voting for President Trump, it is this one.  Not a single name on this list is likely to result in more people opposing the president than actually sprinting out to support him.  At heart, it is a group of unserious people rushing out to support an unserious and evil cause. 

This is the biggest problem with the idea of celebrity endorsements.  While their campaign contributions certainly help and are much coveted, at what point do celebrity endorsements actually move the needle favorably in an election?

One of the most coveted celebrity endorsements of this decade was Taylor Swift, who smartly resisted the siren call for many years and stayed out of the fray despite mounting cultural pressure from the liberal outrage machine. 

That ended when she unleashed her Democrat feminist voice by endorsing an old white male Democrat over Marsha Blackburn in the Tennessee Senate race in 2018.  While identity politics is abhorrent, it was notable only in the sense that Swift couched her support as being for the most pro-woman candidate.  The actual woman won in a landslide.

If anything, it appears that Swift's endorsement inspired Republicans to turn out in force and actually hurt the hapless Democrat, who many believed had a real chance of winning the election.  But worry not.  Swift shook it off by throwing her full support behind the vile anti-Christian "Equality Act" that the Democrats are trying to hoist on America. 

This is really the biggest problem with celebrity endorsements, particularly when it comes to the Democrats.  The most coveted endorsements are people who have gravitas and command broad respect in society, as the talented Swift once did.  That is a limited pool of potential celebrity candidates. 

But the minute a respected celebrity throws his support behind the universally awful Democrat candidate who exudes anti-Americanism, he runs that gravitas through a shredder.  Part of the reason that many of Swift's fans liked her as much as they did was because she showed a certain amount of restraint in staying out of politics. 

It works a bit differently for Republicans, which is why two of the most successful presidents of the last hundred years, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, were celebrities first.

The primary difference is character.  It takes far more courage for a celebrity to be an open Republican than a Democrat since almost everyone around them will hate them for it.

Democrat celebrities love to give each other awards for courage, but it is a farce.  Liberalism is the cultural superpower, and it takes no courage to echo dangerous liberal platitudes.

The fact that a celebrity is willing to stand against this cultural power and identify as a Republican displays a certain strength of character.  These conservative celebrities pay a price for it but are willing to pay that price because they believe in something real.

A story that slipped under the radar this week is that Kanye West plans to exclusively make Gospel music now.  He is another celebrity that showed a tremendous amount of courage in standing against the cultural tide.  He has paid a price for it as he is constantly mocked by the paramours of tolerance, but he is standing up for what is good. 

At a minimum, conservatives believe in America as a constitutional republic and the importance of liberty.  So celebrities actually gain gravitas when they identify with these values.  Contrast someone like James Woods, defending liberty against Rosie O'Donnell's hate-filled screeds or Alyssa Milano bragging about having two abortions in a year.

Woods is a serious person.  The other two are not.  A number of Democrats are clamoring for their own celebrity presidential candidate, someone like an Oprah or Tom Hanks.  It's certainly possible.  Hanks did throw his voice and support behind one of the most ironic ads of all time, the Washington Post's "Democracy Dies in Darkness" Super Bowl spot.  If America falls into darkness, which is not an altogether bad bet at some point in the not so distant future, the media will have been one of the primary forces that precipitated that disastrous descent. 

The minute that these celebrities threw their names into the ring, they would get pushed to the extreme by a Democrat base increasingly clamoring for socialism.  In short order, they would lose the respect and support they spent so many years gaining. 

This brings us back to the merry band of impeachment cheerleaders who have less gravitas than the fly that just landed on my keyboard.  This impeachment effort is like a copy of a copy, meaning it isn't quite as good as the original and is falling apart much faster.  It is just another Disney-like tale as old as time; lying politicians, partisan hack media, and a weaponized Intelligence Community cheerfully joining their voices in trying to overturn an election. 

The craven, foul-mouthed B-, C-, and D-list brigade may indeed move public opinion.  But if they do, it will not be in the direction they desire.

Fletch Daniels blogs at deplorabletouchdown.com and can be found on twitter @fletchdaniels.

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