Celebrities man the impeachment barricades

A group of anti-Trump liberal celebrities is setting up an "Impeachment Task Force" to hold President Donald Trump "accountable for betrayal of America."  As is always the case, projectionist Democrats are guilty of doing exactly what they are accusing the president of doing.  Their favored politicians want open borders to wipe out America, even as their elite politicians sell America off to the highest foreign bidder.  That's what constitutes not betraying America in the liberal hive mind.  After all, what underpins the latest impeachment craze is that Joe Biden appears to have used his influence to make his son a fabulously rich Ukrainian energy czar and threw his corrupt weight around to protect his son's ill begotten gains.  The best way to answer this outrage is to impeach President Trump. The list of celebrities rushing to the impeachment barricades is like something out of a comedy show.  The...(Read Full Post)
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