Bob Costas, won't you please go home?

The announcers for the Major League Baseball division championships are about to drive this fan away from watching baseball.  They just never shut up, instead going on and on about their favorite inanity of the game at hand.  They have an annoying propensity for talking as if the people at home were tyros, completely clueless about the game and uninformed about players we've watched all season. With a few exceptions, it doesn't matter which teams are playing or which announcers are blabbing; they give the TV-watcher no peace and quiet to savor the game.  The stations try to have a Hall of Fame color commentator on hand to lend wise counsel on what's happening out there on the diamond, and usually that guy has no feel for how much is too much. The worst such offender is John Smoltz, who in his pitching days was one of my faves.  Smoltz, will you please not talk so much?  We accept that you know more about pitching than...(Read Full Post)
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