Attention BDS fans: Bernie Sanders's heart stents developed in Israel

So does the boycott-divest-sanction movement got anything to say about Bernie Sanders's heart attack treatment? Turns out the life-saving medical treatment the far-left socialist Democratic presidential candidate likely got for his heart attack last week was designed and developed and Made In Israel:   Bernie Sanders now has a stent in his heart developed in Israel. @lsarsour may have to unendorse him for this breach of #BDS. #BDSFAIL. — David Bernstein (@ProfDBernstein) October 5, 2019   According to WebMD, heart attack treatment is characteristically done with stents which open troubled arteries linked to the heart. Stents have developed from crude pipe devices, to drug-coated tools, to meshy net devices in increasingly advanced life-saving technology. Stents were invented in Israel. And so were drug-coated stents, according to Israel21c. And most of them still come from Israel, sold to companies such as Boston Scientific and...(Read Full Post)
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