A new GOP comes out swinging

One way the Democrats could fulfill their dream of crippling President Trump (as opposed to simply running him out of office) would be to stampede the Republicans, to send them running wild-eyed for shelter from shouted accusations and piercing rays of adverse publicity.  There is no shortage of weak-spined GOP officeholders, and it has happened many times before.  The Dems had no reason to doubt that it would happen again. But it's not happening.  Apart from the usual suspects such as Mitt Romney (Romney as Massachusetts governor was the sole politician to hold out against the Bulger brothers, but that was a long time ago), the GOP wall is holding firm, with no defector or weak sister of any significance. One example can be found in the confrontation between Indiana congressman Jim Banks and NPR's Michel Martin this past Wednesday.  Martin was fulfilling NPR's unwritten charter of putting the wildest fringe leftist...(Read Full Post)
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