Will Swedish cannibals save the planet?

In their never-ending search for foods to Save the Planet, a Swedish professor named Magnus Soederlund has proposed eating dead human bodies, presumably fresh from the morgue.  (Although French chefs might wonder if human flesh will taste better after some days of hanging in the barn, along with dead ducks and gamy meat.  Anything will go into Swedish meatballs.)

Naturally, I thought this little factoid was made up by our fabulous media, but it turns out that Professor Soederlund actually exists and wants to claim credit for his idea.  I don't know if Swedish schools still teach Jonathan Swift's essay "A modest proposal," a bitter satirical attack on the English government during the Irish Potato Famine, suggesting that Irish babies should feature on English menus.  I don't think anybody actually took Jonathan Swift seriously in the Potato Famine, but times have changed.

Body-sized refrigeration units remain in morgues, not supermarkets — for now.
Photo credit: P.J.L Laurens.

Europe's welfare states no longer make enough babies of their own, therefore they bring in large Muslim families from the tribal lands of Pakistan to fill the gap.  Or, in the case of Angela Merkel, some Eurostates import military-age male "refugees" purportedly from war-torn Syria, who then claim asylum and import their own wives (up to four per male) for compassionate family unification.  This has the added benefit of growing the welfare state.  If you get tired of your Muslim wife, you can divorce her just by telling her to go, so you can get fresh wives any time.

You can see Professor Soederlund's problem: who is going to feed all those immigrants who don't know how to farm Sweden's hard soil, especially in winter?  Who is going to teach them to fish in the rough seas of the Baltic?

The answer lies in another kind of production — reproduction while living off welfare.  One male immigrant imports four wives and starts to make babies.  The local imams and mullahs keep them in line, and pretty soon you get four babies, just in the first year alone.  Medical care and upkeep are free, provided you promise to leave your body to the State.  When somebody dies, you put him in cold storage, and if there's not enough room, you stack the bodies outside, like fire logs.  By spring, they start to thaw, just in time to feed the new mums and babies.  Customary Pakistani knife murders can be added to the food supply.  It's a different culture, back-country Islam, but now they can be made part of the great engine of a modern economy.

It takes a tenured professor at the Stockholm School of Economics to figure this out.  Who knows?  He might be angling for that Swedish "Nobel" in Economics.

I have a good friend over there who has kept his sanity intact, against all the odds.  He tells me:

Magnus Söderlund ... is for real: he's a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. He heads their Center for Consumer Marketing and has a long list of publications.

This cannibalism thing was a trial balloon to soften up attitudes about "foods of the future". Not even surprising, given all the eco-nuttery and fanaticism these days. ... Sort of like "the situation is so dire that we will be forced into all kinds of unconventional foods, and why let dead humans go to waste? If you are really serious about the environment, it's something to consider.

Insects are "on the table," currently banned by our food safety rules, but there is a move on to allow insects in sausages.

The eco-frenzy has all the hallmarks of religious cultism. Only the form of superstition is morphing from traditional religion to pathetic substitutes like Marxism, New Age, and Econuttery.

In the spirit of Soederlund and J. Swift, we should keep in mind that Ireland has just legalized abortion on demand.  At least in Ireland people still read Swift's modest proposal, and the obvious question must now be coming up in eager minds all around Europe: why waste all those unborn babies?

The U.S. Democrats seem ready to conduct sacrifices with the unborn, and with the almost born and barely born, because keeping humans alive for seventy years after birth is just more money spent on the herd.

The American Left is just as climate-lunatic as the Swedes, and when some Democrat wins the nomination, I expect them to float this new answer to planetary doom.

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