The best speech on Brexit — from a shocking source

Keep in mind that, according to most of our media (and even more so the European media), we are supposed to regard with fear the German "ultra-right-wing" political party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).  Also, keep in mind that we are supposed to believe that the Brexit battle pits Brits against a united Europe that is horrified at their effort to shatter the European Union.

But, in fact, the arrogant, unaccountable transnational organizations, of which the E.U. is a leading example, have served global elites better than ordinary citizens of their constituent countries.  

Watch this speech in Germany'as parliament, the Bundestag, by AfD's co-leader Alice Weidel, and start to realize that populism is a global force in the highly industrialized world and that the complaints we Americans feel against our elites, and the complaints Brits have against ceding control to the E.U., are all of a piece.  She does not hesitate to point her finger at France, which is leading the resistance to a negotiated Brexit.

YouTube screen grab.

The video below was subtitled by "Cassius," who maintains a YouTube channel.

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