Will Democrats' Trump-hatred push us into a new civil war?

The hatred that Democrats and RINO Republicans cultivate toward Donald Trump and his supporters has nothing to do with liberal ideology.  The president is hardly a fervent or extreme conservative like the vice president.  Apart from not being an atheist, his opinions are flexible and marked by mildness and tolerance.  Nor does it have anything to do with illegality — as Democrats well know!  That accusation is a sham.

Understandably, Donald Trump supporters see the Democrats' impeachment circus as a direct attempt to disenfranchise their vote and accordingly feel hostile in the extreme.  They are nostalgic for the past, when the Constitution and rule of law were revered.  They feel anger toward the globalists who have taken their jobs.  They cannot talk to their own children, who have been evangelized with LGBT absurdity through the Democrat education mill.  They resent the building of every mosque within their community since 9/11.  If they wear MAGA hats, they risk physical assault.  They are fed up to the back teeth.  And they are armed.

To avoid a future catastrophe, the Republicans need to step up and put aside their Neville Chamberlain hats.  If they do not actively support the president by launching investigations, issuing subpoenas, and impeaching the impeachers, they will go down in history as lily-livered traitors who paved the way for the breakdown of civil order, which now hangs by a thread.

It is highly possible that the impeachment fiasco could not only blow up the Executive, but also both Congress and the Senate and much besides.  Donald Trump's supporters would instantly withdraw all loyalty toward the government and many independent voters likewise.  Two armed camps may then ensue, with families torn apart, as they were in the last Civil War.  The damage would be horrendous and the outcome unknowable, much depending on the attitude of the military as final arbiter.

It is not only in the USA that we see this strenuous effort by the Left to entrench itself after so many years of unquestioned predominance.  But they overstepped the mark with welfare taxation, by sacrificing national interest to the globalists, and with the willful destruction of organic communities through the rapid introduction of non-Western and undereducated populations, before they had time to be properly absorbed or integrated. 

We are staring at the possibility of a post-democratic and post-national society.  This would play right into the hands of the globalists, who would then have a tabula rasa for their social engineering project, in all its Orwellian horror.  The national center may splinter, and states might be forced to take control of their own populations and their own borders in a fight against globalism.  No one can predict the outcome.

The electric atmosphere of hatred toward the President has filled the Left with an intoxication of euphoria.  At last leftists hope they are on the brink of getting rid of the tyrant.  But what has he done to deserve such vitriol?  Nothing!  Never since Abraham Lincoln has a president been so maligned, obstructed, and insulted.  It is a period of great national shame and will be remembered as such.  In due course, those who supported this vile vendetta will be shunned and disowned by their descendants.  Their legacy is a shabby one.

The consequences of a massive civil breakdown have been completely disregarded by the Democrats.  In fact, they have done all in their power to encourage such an outcome.  They have used contemptuous language on the MSM and in their street rallies.  They have encouraged ANTIFA violence and with heedless, personal animosity pursued their self-indulgent machinations on Capitol Hill.  Their leadership has been abysmal.  They have duped their supporters and given them permission to let go of all decent restraint.

Perhaps Democrats are so used to getting away with political depravity that they assume a divine right to rule.  That did not work out well for Louis XVI in 1789. 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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