A legitimate opposition

Human qualities have lent themselves throughout the centuries to egregious abuses on a massive scale, which apparently has escaped the notice of spoiled children masquerading as public officials who expect informed people to disarm themselves to appease someone's fantasies about what it takes to create peace and safety in a world inhabited by monsters masquerading as friends.  Some of those public officials are deluded or confused, but some seem to have a sociopathic and destructive agenda.  Regardless of whether such miscreants are driven by delusion or bloodlust, they must be forcefully opposed.

Part of the problem with forceful opposition is that once it reaches a certain point, certain unscrupulous people of low integrity can take advantage of the process by accusing the innocent, against whom they bear a grudge, or whom they need to suppress for their own ends, in an atmosphere in which, if sufficient caution is not exercised, unjust, abusive acts could be committed against those not guilty of any crimes.  But since that is what now too often takes place in the justice system, the people are facing a conundrum.

In the long term, justice really does prevail, as God is neither deaf, blind, nor apathetic and will intervene, to the eternal chagrin of many.  In the short term, it is unjust to simply throw up our hands while people are being abused and destroyed by monsters masquerading as politicians, as silence is consent, which makes the silent complicit.

But for now, the masses continue to applaud, praise, and support those traitors who have demonstrated a willingness to infringe and abridge their rights, which eventually must lead to the increase of tyranny, or otherwise to forceful opposition.

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