Hillary, kindly make like a tree

AT's Thomas Lifson reports that Joe Biden is on the way out as a candidate and that Hillary (groan) Clinton is ready to step into his shoes, still griping about 2016, still vicious and nasty and still bent on revenge for slights carried over from the last century.

Handlers have slicked her up and painted over the look of staggering drunken homelessness that Hillary successfully modeled the last three years.  It didn't help.  All across America, voters are throwing things at their televisions.  A run on straight razors is expected.

America doesn't want this woman as president.  We don't want her as a candidate.  Our feelings for her fall between the levels of affection for bedbugs and cockroaches.  We don't want to surrender our country to her wholesale criminality and rape of our Constitution.  We don't want to read about Arkancides clearing out all opposition.

Enough of Chelsea in the news.  We've had our fill of Huma.  Spare us Little Georgie Stephanopoulos resuming his embarrassing suckuppery right out front where everybody can see.  We don't want more of our strategic minerals going to the Russians or our ultra-secret weapons systems declassified to benefit the Chinese.

We don't want still more emails going to our enemies.  We don't want more stories of Americans fighting and dying in faraway lands while Hillary turns over and goes back to sleep.  We don't want to hear that scratchy voice punctuated with "you know" every few seconds.  We don't want a First Husband running a personal porn industry out of the White House.

We don't want the economy messed with now that Donald Trump has it running like a Swiss watch.

We don't want this vile creature who sneers at us, calls us names, insults our intelligence, denigrates us — we don't want this queen of the Deep State at the helm.  One of those was plenty, thank you.

Clinton fatigue doesn't begin to describe how we feel about this evil woman and her sick husband.  Americans of both sexes and all ages, parties, religions, colors, sexual orientations, national origins, and dysfunctions want the Clintons, paraphrasing Biff Tannen, to make like a tree and get out of here.

Image: Nathania Johnson via Wikimedia Commons.

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