Where have all the heroes gone?

In a season of grotesque sexual misbehavior by (as always) men of the Left, one sorta wonders how it ever came to be.  Not that long ago, the women of the Left assured us that Bill Clinton's misbehavior in the Oval Office was "just sex" and no big deal.  It was a sixties attitude — free love and get-out-of-our-bedrooms and such.  In that spirit at least one female reporter volunteered a gratitudinous freebie to the then-president for his, uh, services to the cause. No trace of that attitude attaches to #MeToo, the latest version of the Left's complex and contradictory approach to relations between the sexes.  If the sixties attitude treated sex playfully (at least as re: Bill Clinton), #MeToo seems convinced that men are too dangerous for sex and must be punished for their maleness.  To be sure, the Epstein revelations seemed to underscore the point about toxic masculinity.  If you ever wondered...(Read Full Post)
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