When Democrats whip out their pious talk about 'law,' beware...

Democrats always say they are for the rule of law, for equal treatment under the law, and for no one being above the law.

This, in addition to having great empathy for women who are abused.  But their media allies will never ask them questions about all the lawlessness that happened during the Obama/Biden years.

Today, several Democrats are demanding impeachment of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh solely because the worthless New York Times reported, without evidence, that Kavanaugh dropped his drawers more than thirty years ago at Yale and as his member was hanging out someone pushed it into a woman's hand.  Now, the supposed victim of this alleged abuse can't seem to remember the incident, but that hasn't stopped the media and other Democrats from endless reports and speculation.  

Here are some questions Democrats haven't been asked or been willing to talk about:

There are several women who were willing to come forward for the last several decades with credible allegations of physical and mental abuse by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  So why haven't journalists and other Democrats had any interest in those incidents?  There was considerably more evidence for them, to start with.  Why would they support putting the Clintons back in the White House with all of those credible allegations of abuse?  How many women and girls have been abused over the past decades because everyone looked the other way with the Clintons as they rose up in power?

While we are on the topic of malfeasance and hypocrisy: Should the FEC charge the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with lying when they said the payments for the fake dossier were for legal fees instead of opposition research?

Should Hillary, her aides, Obama, and others be prosecuted for violating the nation's security laws for mishandling classified information?  If not, why not?  If Hillary is not charged, should anyone ever be charged?  Was Hillary above the law because the Justice Department wanted her to win?

Was it illegal for foreign money to flow to the Clintons and their foundation while she was in power?

Should the U.S. have allowed Russia to get U.S. uranium after huge amounts of money flowed to the Clinton Foundation?

Should James Clapper, John Brennan, Eric Holder and others of their ilk have been prosecuted for lying to Congress?  If not, why not?

Should Samantha Power and others in her circle have been prosecuted for illegally unmasking people around Trump?

Should James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others be prosecuted for lying to the FISA courts when they used the fictional dossier as an excuse to spy?

Did President Obama violate the Constitution by dictatorially forcing DACA when he plainly knew and said as much that the Constitution wouldn't allow that?  Why did the media and other Democrats support this unconstitutional act?

And now a few questions for the fake Indian since she said she wants to get rid of government corruption:

Why did you set up your brainchild, the CFPB, to be off budget?  Why did that agency's budget come through the Federal Reserve instead of through Congress?  Doesn't that reduce oversight and lead to potential corruption?

Wasn't it pure corruption when the CFPB, the Justice Department, and the EPA shook down corporations and had slush funds which they used for political purposes and to reward political supporters?

If you and other Democrats really cared about corruption, wouldn't you have had hearings on and punished people for those slush funds?

Won't too much power and money in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians lead to corruption?

Have you seen countries and economies collapse because the private sector got too big?  Have you seen many economies collapse because government got too big and powerful?

Journalists and other Democrats only care about power.  The rule of law is meaningless to them.

Somehow Republicans are guilty without evidence, and Democrats are above the law.

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