When Democrats whip out their pious talk about 'law,' beware...

Democrats always say they are for the rule of law, for equal treatment under the law, and for no one being above the law. This, in addition to having great empathy for women who are abused.  But their media allies will never ask them questions about all the lawlessness that happened during the Obama/Biden years. Today, several Democrats are demanding impeachment of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh solely because the worthless New York Times reported, without evidence, that Kavanaugh dropped his drawers more than thirty years ago at Yale and as his member was hanging out someone pushed it into a woman's hand.  Now, the supposed victim of this alleged abuse can't seem to remember the incident, but that hasn't stopped the media and other Democrats from endless reports and speculation.   Here are some questions Democrats haven't been asked or been willing to talk about: There are several women who were...(Read Full Post)
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