Washington state's public schools show their disgusting stuff

Woke Washington State has produced a bumper crop of public school malfeasance. Just yesterday, a Longview public school bus driver who transported 90 kids in two trips was credibly reported to be driving like a drunk — weaving, running red lights, and stinking of alcohol — according to the terrified schoolchildren who were stuck on that bus without choice, with one of them calling 911.  The cops eventually showed up, found the driver, smelled the alcohol, and made an arrest.  The school itself put the driver on paid leave.  According to WTSP: LONGVIEW, Wash. — A young student called 911 to report that his Longview Public Schools driver was drunk and had run red lights. Police later arrested the driver, Catherine Maccarone, 48, for driving under the influence in  the September 12th incident and two counts of reckless endangerment. She drove twice, once transporting high...(Read Full Post)
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