Transgenderism conquers science at Canadian Cancer Society

We live in a moment where the urge to be politically correct has conquered the major institutions of society, driving them to abandon common sense and even science.  Writing at PJ Media, Megan Fox documents the auto-beclowning of the Canadian Cancer Society, which one would normally expect to be a sober, scientifically based organization fighting one of mankind's chief scourges today.  In place of this critical mission, promotion of transgenderism has taken priority. A new ad campaign to fight cervical cancer is dominated by a transgender person who is a biological male and has no cervix. Look at the absurdity of the ad under the caption "Transwomen and Cervical Cancer Screening." Credit: Canadian Cancer Society Website screenshot via PJ Media. Fox skillfully debunks the nonsense: The site goes onto [sic] claim that the risk of cervical cancer for a person with no cervix is very low. "If you're a trans woman, you may not...(Read Full Post)
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