The scare strategy

It is clear that the strategy for the media is to scare the public instead of telling the truth as they collude with other Democrats in the 2020 election.  It's the same as their strategy for the past several decades to elect Democrats and destroy Republicans.  It will include the following: Playing the race card to gin up racial division and hate, as they pretend they are the party trying to unite the country. Running fictional stories to destroy the Republicans, like the years-long fake Russian collusion story and the stories to destroy Kavanaugh.  The media and other Democrats are willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way in their quest for power.  The truth hasn't mattered for a long time. Running endless stories predicting a coming recession to instill fear in the public and downplaying the good current good results from Republican policies. Seeking to scare the public, as they have for almost 100 years, that...(Read Full Post)
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