The demise of the Democratic Party

Since the election of Donald Trump, leftists went into a stage of sheer insanity and haven't returned.   America's political novelty is that every two years, we can change Congress, and every four the president.  So why all the lies and fuss?  The other side accepted President Obama's win despite all the controversies surrounding his eligibility.  So why can't the Left do the same and accept President Trump when he won the 2016 presidency fair and square?  What is it with Trump that they hate him so much?  If they don't like the president, the Democrats can vote against him and his party in 2020.  Why drag the nation into a quagmire of lies and deception for three years and make our lives miserable? The answer is Hillary Clinton and her ego.  She is unable to accept her loss.  She blames everyone for her defeat except herself.  Clinton wrote a memoir of her...(Read Full Post)
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