The assumption about Iran that needs to go

"The refineries and oil fields or the factories and power stations of Iran will not be touched.  But we will make the nuclear plants and missile bases unusable because radical leaders — not the majority of the population — threaten Middle Eastern countries with war and even extinction.  Ports from which commercial ships are attacked will also be blocked.  The regular army, artillery, and tanks, however, are not threatened.  For in the future Iran must be able to defend itself or even take part in peace missions." This could be the justification if a military response has to be initiated to stop Iranian attacks from the coasts of the Indian Ocean to the borders of Israel.  It is aimed at a population with above-average education that could achieve a lot if organized as a democracy.  At the International Mathematic Olympiads, Iran ranks eleventh on average for the decade 2010–2019, while...(Read Full Post)
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