On the Jewish New Year: Reflections on resilience and survival

Tonight, Jews will celebrate the advent of 5,780 years of our existence. On reflection it seems almost impossible that after millennia of persecution and genocide we have survived. Great and powerful empires -- Hellenist, Roman, Hittite, Mesopotamian -- have disappeared and we are still here. We remain links in an unbroken chain which started in Hebron, the cradle of our faith; which led us from slavery in Egypt; which defeated worship of false idols; which defied assimilation and conversion; which brought Commandments as a guide to decency in private as well as public life; which survived an epic genocide in which one of every three Jews in the world were slaughtered. Most recent in our history of resilience and survival is the advent of Jewish sovereignty in ancestral lands only three years after the Genocide. In a remarkable rescue of survivors from Europe and persecuted Jews from all the Arab nations, the Jews of Palestine, with the help of international Jewish charity...(Read Full Post)
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